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Tim Edmonds

Simply Energy

Head of Advisory

Tim Edmonds is Head of Advisory at Simply Energy – an energy solutions provider working solely with commercial and industrial businesses to help make their transition to cleaner energy more viable, effective and affordable.

As Head of Advisory, Tim works collaboratively with businesses to help them identify the most sustainable and accessible ‘transition path’, that comes from financial, commercial and environmental outcomes working together.

Driven by a focus and expertise that spans engineering, technology, and wholesale energy, Tim offers comprehensive support to help businesses untangle challenges, avoid roadblocks, and implement practical, achievable solutions – from incremental to transformational – on the road to net zero.

Blending his experience as a Chartered Electrical Engineer with extensive energy market expertise, and hands-on experience owning and operating an electrical contracting company, Tim applies innovative thinking and technologies to uncover new engineering solutions backed by commercial structures that support decarbonisation.

Cold Storage – the hidden hero of our renewable electricity future

New Zealand’s transition towards 100% renewable energy requires significant changes to our electricity system. Balancing costs, sustainability, and reliability is a top priority for the energy sector, as is keeping costs down for consumers. Hear from Tim Edmonds, Head of Advisory at Simply Energy, about how cold storage operators can benefit from playing a crucial role in this transition by being more flexible with their electricity usage. How voluntarily reducing your consumption during peak demand or power supply disruptions can save you money, reduce carbon emissions, and help create a more efficient, resilient, and sustainable grid.

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