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Jason Krupp

Meat Industry Association of New Zealand

Manager - Strategy & Advocacy

Jason is an advocacy and policy professional, having built up a career that has spanned three countries, and two careers. Having worked as a finance journalist in South Africa and Hong Kong, he moved to New Zealand in 2009 and has since spent his time in that complex space where policy and politics meet. He joined the red meat industry in 2023.

The near and medium term opportunity set for the red meat sector

As New Zealand emerges post-Covid it is increasingly clear that many of the old economic certainties that underpinned the red meat sector are starting to change rapidly. From shifting customers preferences, emerging technology, and rising geopolitical tensions, it is increasingly clear farmers, processors and exporters will need to constantly adapt to remain competitive in an increasingly changeable world. To that we will need to understand the challenges and opportunities ahead of us.

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