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Dave Wild

Futurist Dave Wild

Creative Futurist

Internationally renowned  Futurist Dave Wild is a  world-leading expert in developing Futurework skills. Living on the edge of the world in New Zealand,  he works with leaders and teams across the globe – creating a greater future for their organisations, customers and society at large including: 

  • Visioning with the Digital Government Leaders of the United Kingdom, South Korea, Estonia and New Zealand 

  • Coaching Digital and Innovation Leadership Labs across sectors including Finance, Environment and Technology 

  • Facilitating the NZ Prime Minister’s Business Advisory Council to explore the Future of Work 

  • Delivering Futurist keynote presentations on stages and screens across the world from South Auckland to Sydney to San Francisco   

Through this work with a diverse range of leaders across all levels, Dave has built deep expertise in the future-focused skills needed to confidently lead into the future. 

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